Our mission is to expose the real truth behind the destructive cult known as the Jehovah's Witnesses. Active Witnesses are discovering the real "truth" and are now realizing that there is life after The Watchtower.

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Featured Call

Jehovah's Underground

Host Johnny the Bethelite
October 25th Johnny speaks up Johnny is very disturbed the with what is going on behind the curtains at the Watchtower Headquarters


Featured Call

Banned Books

Host Susan Fearon

Daniel Chamberlayne, author of "The Kingdom Hall No More" Daniel a talented young man growing up in The Queens, New York tells his compelling story of captivity, blackmail and deceit in the Jehovah's Witness Religion. Six Screens Host of "Banned Books" Susan Fearon, interviews Daniel and his wife Kim as they tell their story of how they have been adversely "Touched By The Tentacles Of The Watchtower"


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Jehovah's Witness World News Keeping You Up To Date

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JW World News October 4th 2014

Extreme Ostracism in Watchtower Publications condemning Apostates and denouncing them as "Mentally Diseased" is causing undue Emotional Strain and is becoming Hurtful and Burdensome.
Confused, Troubled, Abused, Shocked Witnesses who want to Talk Anonymously and Privately to Someone about their Concerns can Call and speak with Susan a for JW.
The Six Screens Hot Line Associates are not Certified Therapist, however they are Knowledgeable Former Jehovah's Witnesses that have researched the inner workings of the Organization and are here to Help You with Your Concerns. If further help is needed, they can direct you to Additional Sources.
CALL ... 978-710-9815

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Six Screens Featured Calls

Family leaves Jehovah's Witnesses in tact and makes the trek to

"The Witnesses Now For Jesus Convention" in PA.
Listen in as this remarkable family tells their story!